Typical sales tools

  Sales tools are the various documents that are necessary for efficient sales activities.

In addition to those that are commonly used by everyone, https://slimtime.co.jp/  original documents and proposals tailored to each customer are also important sales tools.

Typical examples are as follows

Business cards

As a businessman, you should never run out of business cards in a sales situation. Although you may not be able to change the business cards that are provided to you, they can be the starting point of your sales activities if they contain information that leaves something in the minds of the recipients, such as the company's catchphrase, management philosophy, or phrases of value that customers can obtain.

Self-introduction tool

Since business cards have limited space, a self-introduction sheet using A4 size paper is effective for more detailed self-introduction. Describe your thoughts on your work and products, and your position in the company.

Company Brochure

This is a sales tool that comprehensively shows what kind of company you are, what you stand for, and what benefits you can offer.

Official brochures are often made in a formulaic way and do not necessarily move the reader's heart. In such a case, you should consider creating your own company brochure.

Product brochures, flyers, and catalogs

This is a guide to the company's products and services that you want your customers to receive. This is also an essential sales tool, as customers will first look at this material and consider various options.

Case studies

This is an introduction of customers who have actually purchased your products or services. This will help you understand from the user's perspective why they introduced the product or service and what happened as a result.

This section includes a number of case studies for each type of customer and each type of issue, and provides information on how to resolve concerns associated with the introduction of the product or service and how to visualize what will happen after the introduction.

Booklets on know-how, Q&A, etc.

The booklet can contain any kind of content that will benefit the other party, such as behind-the-scenes tips and know-how from a professional's point of view, mistakes that people tend to make, common Q&A, etc. You can also have the other party keep the booklet separately from the results of the meeting, in which case it will become a long-lasting sales tool.

It can also be used as a tool to acquire potential customers by uploading it to your website.


A newsletter is an informative paper issued on a regular basis. A newsletter is a periodical newsletter that provides information about the company and its products, including current topics. Unlike direct mail, which has a pushy feel, newsletters are literally "news" media that provide useful information on their own.

Talk script

When making appointments over the phone or making initial visits, the explanations and responses to the other party often follow a certain pattern. This pattern or flow of conversation is called a talk script. It is used to share the killer phrases and exquisite turnarounds developed by each salesperson with the other members of the team.

It is also useful for avoiding complaints and problems by having all salespeople give the same answers.

Sales Manual

A sales manual summarizes how to proceed using each sales tool from the appointment to the closing.

It includes not only techniques, but also the way of thinking and technical knowledge.

Thank you letters

A thank you letter is a sales tool used to express gratitude through a postcard or envelope when a visit, negotiation, or contract has been completed. Handwritten letters, in particular, convey human warmth and give a good impression to customers. It is not easy to make and send a postcard each time, or to write it by hand each time.

It is a good idea to prepare postcards and stamps at the department level.

Proposals and proposals

Planning and proposal documents are the most important sales tools. They should include the customer's problems and solutions, and be designed not only to look good but also to win orders.

Approach book

The approach book is a set of the above mentioned sales tools.

The approach book is a set of the above mentioned sales tools that can be used in your sales activities.

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